Re: Going to Shaw Island?

Sound Rowers

If you have any of the buoys, please bring them as well.  We have one, but Carrie was looking for more.



On Jul 30, 2021, at 11:37 PM, Rod Sternagel via <rod.sternagel@...> wrote:

Hey Herbie,

My plan was to have Jon stop by Olympia on his way to SeaTac Thursday. I think Jon understands that. We are communicating separately. I will bring the tablet and other stuff to Shaw Friday. 


On Jul 30, 2021, at 10:41 PM, Herbie Weisse <herbie.weisse@...> wrote:

Hi Jon, and Rod;

I can meet you at SeaTac on Thursday morning (if that was meant for next week Thursday).  Maybe at the Cell Phone parking lot - BUT be careful NOT to enter the lot.  It can take an hour to extract yourself from that occasionally - just pick an ETA and I’ll meet you as you drive by the entrance (it’s still an on/off the freeway stop). It looks like Rod’s off3r is for the day after you’re at Seatac?

Herbert Weisse
(425) 263-0520

On Jul 30, 2021, at 3:12 PM, Rod Sternagel <rod.sternagel@...> wrote:

I will be going to Shaw Friday. We can meet on your way through Olympia unless you get a better offer.

Rod Sternagel

On Jul 30, 2021, at 2:56 PM, Jon Harwood <jcharwood248@...> wrote:

I have the ipad and a couple pieces of miscelaneous equipment for someone to take to the Shaw Island race. I'm heading to Seatac Thursday morning -- any place I could drop this stuff off on my way? --Jon Harwood

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