Re: Rowing machine recommendation?

Debbie Natelson

Good discussions so far...just fyi, I've heard the concept II rowing machines are backlogged in terms of ordering a new one.  The pandemic has forced a lot of people, rowers and just folks locked out of their gyms to turn to ergs as an efficient way to keep in shape.  My friend has been trying to order one for his 86 yr old mom! ....(yes, she was rowing regularly w San Francisco Parks Dept rowing program....until Covid put the breaks on team rowing.... The kids noticed their mom aging more all of a sudden... so I suggested they get her "back in the saddle" with an erg. My friend's been on a wait list for a few months now... Covid may be bad for some businesses, but certainly not for Concept II.
Good luck.

On Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 3:01 PM Michael Lampi <soundrowers.board@...> wrote:
Thanks! I guess the Concept 2 is the way to go after all...

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