Re: boat classifications (was: Not that it really matters...)

Sound Rowers

Hi Larry, 

Let’s chat about easiest way for you to update. Can do a call or talk Wed night. 

Thanks for stepping up!


On May 16, 2019, at 5:30 PM, watersprite <watersprite@...> wrote:

Larry (and Kevin), thanks for expressing interest in updating our aging kayak list. Tom Cartmill did a heroic job for years (and thereby created the international standard!), but we never did get anyone to step up to maintain the list. I added a few surfskis at random while I was webmaster, but as noted there are many more on the market.

I would suggest coordinating with Amber, our webmaster, as to the best way to help out. We can either add an editing account on our WordPress site and allow you to directly update the list, or download this list and re-import the updated list. I leave that to you folks to hash out, but I can help with either setting up the edit account or extracting the data if needed.


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