Not that it really matters...

Jon Harwood

I chose to haul the jumbo Pygmy sea kayak around the buoys at Commencement Bay, leaving the carbon OC1 in the parking lot, because I came for the Blue Ribbon. I wielded a wooden Greenland paddle to match the wooden boat, just to make my martyrdom complete -- and maximize my time on the picturesque Tacoma waters. What happens? Another sea kayak appears! But no! The 14-year old registered it as a "surfski" sea kayak -- unaware that makes it a different class of boat. Pics don't lie! Peyton finished less than a minute ahead, and then didn't appear to collect the covetted Blue Ribbon. I got red.
Does anyone still call it a high performance kayak? Should surfski be on the boat classes instead?
Not that it matters... It's all for fun, and fun for all!

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