Re: Deception Pass Dash

steven wort

After a bit more digging it looks like someone by that name is still active on Facebook. Has anyone tried messaging their Facebook page?

~Steve Wort

From: on behalf of steven wort <steven_wort@...>
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 07:42
Subject: Re: [SoundRowers] Deception Pass Dash
Given that the current address is still listed as the store on 90th in Redmond that Dan Henderson took over with Cascade Canoe & Kayak multiple years back, and Dan has been out of there for at least a year now, I would assume the business has gone under and that’s why no one is responding.

Maybe time to look for someone else to take over as RD for the Deception Pass Dash?

~Steve Wort

From: on behalf of Richard Farr <richardfarr@...>
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 06:59
Subject: Re: [SoundRowers] Deception Pass Dash

Because I am trying to organize a trip out of the country around that date, I have been attempting to contact Outdoor Adventures for weeks, by multiple methods, including leaving messages, emails, and messages through their website. No response whatsoever. I think the material on the site is simply left over from last year - including the link to "2018 results"! Given the currents on December 9th, I think the only possible dates are December 2nd and December 16th. I had to go ahead and book travel on December 2nd so am hoping for the 16th.

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