Re: Forum comparison .... was: Re: New group server?


Actually, canoetripping appears to be a fairly standard forum format, and if you look closely at the bottom of the page this particular forum is marketed by 

For Sound Rowers, I'm simply going to migrate our existing Yahoo content over to - all the old content is preserved, in theory, and the platform is much more workable and stable than Yahoo. 

If we really want a full-fledged forum, I would first look into plug-ins for our website. We are not that chatty a group however (certainly by WhatcomPaddlers standards!). Plus Reivers is right, migrating existing content would likely be difficult at best, and likely not possible at all. The Facebook crowd seems to be growing well, and that and the other social media sites seem to be where the majority of online conversations are taking place these days.

And for the record, I was a Usenet junkie long before the world wide web....!

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