Re: New group server?

Steve Bennett


I'd be curious about your thoughts on this site:  I'll send you my password if you need it to explore.

What I like is the apparently easy archivablitiy, and the channelling of postings by topic. I have no Idea about it's practicality for our use.  it might be nice to have specialty sub-groups, but I know little about that either.    

Does this mean that we will be losing all that Whatcom Paddlers History and Lore.. there is  a trove of stuff buried in that poorly archivable program that it'd be a shame to lose.  Reivers could write a book from it.


On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 5:05 PM, Reivers Dustin <reivers@...> wrote:
it's a bit more of a change than I had hoped.  Looks like we'll have some member confusion and need to help folks.  One thing that might come to the front is that most folks have no idea about listserv etiquette.  But anything is better than that yayhoo crowd.  Tons of click-bait junk and layering to get in and out.  bleah.  


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