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Ben Peterson

I like how you noted the years that you WERE president. I wish you luck and skill in facilitating a new president. 


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Good morning Sound Rowers (and Paddlers),

Attached is the Agenda for the 2018 Sound Rowers annual meeting to be held at the Lake Washington Rowing Club at 10:00 tomorrow (12-2-17) morning.  910 North Northlake way Seattle 98103

The agenda includes additions from the last version that was sent out last Sunday.  I will print out a few copies for the meeting, but please bring one if you would like it.  Please also review the minutes from 2016 as I will not many have printed copies tomorrow. 

I would also like to take this time to look for a new President for Sound Rowers.  I have enjoyed my time here but feel the club would be better suited with someone that can bring in new, fresh ideas and implement them effectively.  I have slipped into a maintenance role and feel we can get much more with different leadership.  If you have a passion for this club and would like to know more about the responsibilities, please reach out to me and I will happy discuss the details.


Tyler Peterson

Sound Rowers President (2010-2017)

(206) 786-1083

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Annual meeting is this Saturday, December 2, at 10am. LWRC boathouse.


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