A Wee Tad

Reivers Dustin

it's a Wee Tad Fiddly of a morning.  (That means WTF in phone text speak.)  The youngsters under 60 will think this is the perfect time to go for a paddle.  My advice:  go to a small lake where you can swim to shore and find your boat after youthful butt cheeks get air-lifted out of their seat.  

I'm staying home to invent a new video game about surfski paddling.  In which the top secret game-hack is to have a very low paddle stroke.  And if your boat taps into another boat that you are drafting, all of a sudden you get eaten by a giant shark.  Even if you're in a lake.   Or in the parking lot putting your boat on your car.  (Don't be bumping into nobody's boat.)

reply with any requests for 'game features'.  


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