Re: Bellingham weather delay

Reivers Dustin

thx Steve.  It was one of Peter's crazier ideas (I think). 


If you haven't seen this thing: It's set up as a three-boat relay.  Teams of three boats are compiled just prior to 'race' start.  They are constructed so that teams supposedly balance.  That is beginners are paired with experts.  The event is in Lake Padden - normally a flat, even swimmer friendly venue.  It works for almost any boat, except maybe fast rowers, OC-6's, dragon boats ... there are some sharp turns and it is a short event. 


No fee, just bring a donation to the local food bank.  The results are that people, even spectators with no familiarity with the sport have a good time.  There is no way to predict top finishers.  And actually not many care about finish placing.  Except that each person gives it their all. 


who woodathunkit? 



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