Two unrelated items: your SR origins & Sea Ranger Rowing Boat

Steve Bennett

If you look at the membership roster (SR Homepage), you will note that Don Kiesling has included a column to record how long you have been rowing, paddling, pulling, pedaling with us.  I encourage you all to plug in your SR origins by emailing the year and perhaps your first SR race to Don (surfski@...). He'll plug your info in. Thank him.   Just for the fun and history.

Also, I would like to try to paddle a Sea Ranger rowing shell as a canoe with a single blade.  Anyone know of one that I might take a dip in, perhaps a dunk, with the rowing mechanism removed? Would like to try a Merry Wherry, perhaps an Alden 16 as well.
I am playing with ideas/hulls related to open water canoe paddling.  Got ideas?  I'd like them too. 

Thanks,  Steve

Bellingham Rough Water coming up. Macho T-shirts, not usually that rough.

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