Re: online membership renewal

Steve Bennett

Nyahh Don,

 This is a good little idea, fun, informative, community building.  Who of us really cares if it's accurate? or really about "membership. "  Just include it as a column labeled, say "SR Racer since . . ." The member will enter whatever four keystrokes he wishes which, if anyone wants to dispute for whatever ridiculous reason ,the truth can be proven by a perusal of our 35 years of results. (Shane B. might punch in his SR race total, if he wished, but I wouldn't give him a whole column!)

No hassle for the tech people, fun info about our community, show  of pride for our elders, what's not to like here?


On Sat, Jan 30, 2016 at 8:41 AM, surfski@... [SoundRowers] <SoundRowers@...> wrote:

It would be fun, but we just don't have the data.  People could submit it, but we have a hard enough time getting other more important info that we want!  Shane would probably lobby for a column showing races attended / completed / won!

Funny enough, managing membership for several years, I've noticed that a lot of people skip years and then come back.  For example, was a member in 2011 and 2012, skipped 2013 and 2014, back in 2015.  (Probably that Peace Corps stint in Uganda, eh?!)  I think online membership payment will help with renewals, and already many folks have used it.


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