Re: Row down the Duwamish?


At least 20 miles. Paddling-wise, anyway, but I don't remember terribly narrow spots, so you should be fine in a shell. There is one problematic spot about 5 mi up the river, give or take a mile or two - at low tide it is a class 2 rapid, a non-issue at high tide.

It is not the most scenic paddle, though, blackberry covered levees on both sides, gets pretty repetitive after a few miles.

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Anybody know how far up the Duwamish you can start rowing? One of these fall weekends I'd plan to organize an informal row down to Salty's on Alki or so, and a car shuffle.


Yes I know there is the Duwamish Rowing Club in South Park but I'm not sure I trust their judgement since their web site says "Rowing is meant to take place on calm water."


Thanks, Tom

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