Bainbridge Eve

debbie natelson

Hope you are now all loading -- or have loaded your boats in anticipation of tomorrows' 32 Annual Bainbridge Island Marathon!   Wow -- what a tradition.  Be sure to be a part of it.
full marathon -- 9:30 meeting
half (12 miles) short course-- 11:30  (but come early for car/boat shuttling
More than the many miles, this race is chock full of adventure, waves, wind (usually), currents, boat traffic/ferries -- and scenery galore.  A PNW tradition -- makes me homesick just thinking about it.
So go row or paddle/pedal a few miles of it for me.
Always great chowder and bread (or some of Steve's amazing culinary delights) post race
Ck out website, for further details.
Ferries leave Seattle at 6:10, 7: 05, 7:55...
Have a great race,

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