reminder: Bainbridge Marathon next Saturday, Sept

debbie natelson

You've trained all year. Now time to strut your stuff by competing in the longest distance single day race on US West Coast.
Bainbridge Island forms a natural 26.2 mile race course.  As a Sound Rower/Paddler, it is only natural that you would want to race this course-- or at least half of it (half marathon).
Stunning scenery, physically and navigationally challenging.  Besides the distance there are potential currents, winds, waves, and boat traffic to contend with -- but completing this race can prove well worth the challenge. 
31st  Annual Bainbridge Marathon
Saturday, Sept 7  - 9:15am  (11:15 for short course)
Fay Bainbridge Park, NE shore Bainbridge Island
26.2 miles Full marathon; Start/end at Fay Bainbridge Park (Discover Pass not required as this is a Bainbridge city park)
1/2 Marathon - 12 miles:  from Fort ward to fay Bainbridge Park.  Counter Clockwise direction only.
The Bainbridge Marathon is a very challenging race, presenting a varying array of strong currents, high winds and shipping traffic. When rough weather combines with the long distance, it can and has whipped the best of athletes. Do not tackle this one if you lack the skills, conditioning, and experience to be confident of completion. However, if you’re ready, the weather is often glorious and the experience nearly always exhilarating. The half-marathon is the same, only shorter.
The full marathon starts and finishes at Fay Bainbridge State Park. Racers may choose a clockwise or counter-clockwise course. The half-marathon begins at Fort Ward State Park exactly 2 hours after the start of the marathon, proceeding in a counter-clockwise direction to Fay Bainbridge. All racers are expected to attend the race meeting at 8:45. After the start of the marathon, the shuttle of boats to Fort Ward will be arranged.


Participants acknowledge that advanced skills, conditioning and experience are essential to safe completion of the race and that they are prepared. In addition all participants must carry a PFD and a whistle on board per Washington State law; and be capable of self-righting their boat (this usually means carrying a paddle float for kayakers.). Participants are expected to go immediately to the aid of a racer who has capsized. (The race director will make his fairest allowance for lost time).

Course Record

Long course: Jeb Besser and Grant Dull, 3:09:01 in 2009 in a 2x.
Short course: Ole Kanestrom, 1:40:28 in 1993 in a 1X-RI.
Records in all classes (word doc).

Entry Fees

Boats of 1 or 2 competitors:
$10 per person for: members of Sound Rowers, Juniors (18 and under).
$20 per person for non-members, non-Juniors
Boats of 3+ competitors:
$10 per person

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