Re: participation numbers

Michael Lampi <lampi@...>

I dropped off a Sound Rowers calendar (printed on photo glossy paper)
with the manager at the Pocock Rowing Center yesterday, and a schedule
(page #2 of the calendar) at the Lake Washington Rowing Club with the
manager there.

Perhaps a few more of these distributed in the appropriate club houses
and kayak shops might help to increase the numbers, too.

Any word on the 2005 edition of the Sound Rowers poster?


--- In SoundRowers@..., "Laura Jackson" <kekbeka@h...> wrote:
Steve (Bennett...) -
thanks for the info on participation. It's been amazing to watch the
LaConner Race grow. We are anticipating making record quantities of
soup yet
again this year.

From: Steve Bennett <bennett_seattle@y...>

Your concern about declining numbers, however, may be
a little contrary to reality. While The Great Cross
Sound numbers are down (this was discussed quite a bit
at the Annual Meeting) a brief study of race
participation in 1998 and 2004 revealed these numbers:

In 1998 556 boats carrying 702 human engines
participated in our 15 races. In 2004 736 boats
carried 1011 racers in 16 races. (the San Juan
Challenge is not included in these figures) Looks like
we're doing pretty well, but surely not enough to
preclude inclusion of more folks through mentoring.

Thanks for making us think.

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