Re: Elk River Challenge photos now online

Debbie Natelson

Obviously a good time was had by all !!  As always, Elk River challenge -- besides being boatloads of fun, wins the award for the greatest diversity in boat types, participants, age ranges -- and the best oystes on the planet. Thought of this race all weekend. So hated to miss it. Michael, thanks for the 5,000 pictures which almost made me feel like I was there (new race course this year??).  And Vern & Janet, thanks again for gracously agreeing to host yet one more fabulous Elk River Challenge. 
Miss you all,

On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 6:38 PM, guru1957 <> wrote:

It was a fun race yesterday. Conditions were pretty good, with a nice side wind to keep things from getting too hot. My boat and its engine worked pretty well, and encountered no weeds to speak of. I think the bicycle commuting from Bellevue to/from Seattle over the past several weeks have helped!

Here are the photos:

Michael Lampi

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