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Hi Tom,

In regards to turns, a well executed "pivot" turn in a shell can indeed shave many precious seconds off your time. In the good old days it was actually legal at the HOTL, but due to a number of t-bone incidents it was eventually outlawed. A pity, it was fun to nail the turn and jump out a few boat-lengths on the competition...


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Michael -

Thanks to you and your team for hosting a great race (again)!

Although I prefer long out-and-return courses, rowing the short course 2x was an interesting experience. The paddlers can turn the buoys much sharper than the shells and probably picked up something like 10 seconds per turn (on 5 turns).

Rowers can either turn a larger radius or stop and pivot - I tried both and they seemed to take about the same time with maybe an advantage to the pivot. However the pivot can cause a bit of a jam up at the turn if there are other boats nearby, because you mostly stop forward motion. The move is actually prohibited at some rowing races (like the Head of the Lake) - I'm not sure if it's becuase of some perceived advantage or becasue it induces traffic jams.

...Tom Kreyche

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