New Owners to Preserve Maas Boat Standards and Continue Innovations

Steve Wells

Three experienced open water rowers with two long-time Maas boat dealers are the proud new owners of Maas Boat Company. The new owners are committed to maintaining the high boat building standards first defined by Chris Maas and maintained during Doug Kidder's ownership. There will be renewed focus on building and innovating superior open water shells, and the company will continue to operate for the immediate future in Richmond, California. Billy Service and Jesus Rios will continue to build shells, and Deborah Service will continue as General Manager. All contact information remains unchanged.

Two of the new owners are long-established Maas dealers with 25 years combined experience sharing the love and knowledge of rowing with their customers. They are Steve Wells of Evergreen Rowing serving the Pacific Northwest, and Dave Lee of Prairie Rowing who serves the Southwest and Central states. Three of the new owners are enthusiastic participants in the open water races on and near Puget Sound sponsored by Sound Rowers and Paddlers. They are Beverly Torok-Storb, Rainer Storb and Howard Lee. This team will rely on their race-based experience to build on Maas' position of leadership among open water shell builders.

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