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Tom Kreyche

Michael -

Thanks to you and your team for hosting a great race (again)!

Although I prefer long out-and-return courses, rowing the short course 2x was an interesting experience. The paddlers can turn the buoys much sharper than the shells and probably picked up something like 10 seconds per turn (on 5 turns).

Rowers can either turn a larger radius or stop and pivot - I tried both and they seemed to take about the same time with maybe an advantage to the pivot. However the pivot can cause a bit of a jam up at the turn if there are other boats nearby, because you mostly stop forward motion. The move is actually prohibited at some rowing races (like the Head of the Lake) - I'm not sure if it's becuase of some perceived advantage or becasue it induces traffic jams.

...Tom Kreyche

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Hi Folks,

We had another successful race on Lake Sammamish! The weather was perfect, the water was mostly calm (good for the rowers, not as challenging for the surf skiers - though Greg Barton and Gabe Newton had an epic battle for first place!), and with the arrival of Paul Rollinger I was able to run the race with a total of three people: Two to do the registration and timing, and one person to handle the food preparation.

For those of you who didn't come you missed out on some great chili and chowder. Shane Baker brought his home-made clam chowder and Kate Lampi brought her home-made chili. Due to circumstances beyond her control she was up until 2 AM preparing it for the race - and as a result it was very fresh and tasty!

As we did not have the four safety boats requested by the King County Marine Patrol the long course was switched to two laps of the short course. In general this appeared to work pretty well, though the consensus of the long course racers afterwards was that they preferred going the length of the lake. We'll try again next year!

The photos, such as they are, have been posted. Kate (who was also handling food prep) and I (also handling registration and timing with Paul) were the photographers this time around.

I've also uploaded the race results Webscorer. Traci will be updating the Sound Rowers web site links soon.

See you at Rat Island!

Michael Lampi


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