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debbie natelson

The Bellingham Bay Rough Water Race was enormous fun -- coupled by lots of wind and waves. Peter must have some sort of secret arrangement with the weather gods.  Race was extremely well organized, with lots of safety precautions, chase boats/chase jet skis, volunteers galore, great post race food -- and amazing wooden carved boat ornaments (for lack of better word) that hang from a stand - -moving as if dancing on the waves-- compliments of Paul Clements' shop class.  I thought it would be hard to top last years' dashboard bobble-boats -- more gems from his students -- but these were equally impressive.

The amazing rallying of the volunteers (which includes the Race Directors) at all of our races are half the fun and amazement of SoundRowers.  It never ceases to amaze me what incredible races we put on -- all for so LITTLE $.  I've participated in $35 or $50 events that weren't nearly as good.  Besides our annual Membership which is the best deal around,  so much of the success of SoundRowers races are due to the (often thankless), but always generous participation of volunteers.  So Big Blue Ribbons for all the volunteers that help make SR races such incredible & memorable events.

Attached is a link to some really fun pictures compliments of Dale McKinnon -- who braved the elements out in a power boat to catch us in action.   In all the wind and waves, some of us look sort of surly (my cache in photos), others -- like they are carefree models for a boat catalog. But no matter what the look on our faces, there are some great action shots that depict the waves and intensity of the race.  I see great fodder for next years poster. Thank you Dale!
Can't wait to see Mike Lampi's as well.

Adrienne -- I want your soup recipe. Yum.

i'm still revved on an endorphine buzz.  Hope to see you all next month at Jetty Island Race on April 20th.


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To see photos of the race today, go to: http://greyhead.imgur.com and click on the Roughwater Classic album.

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