Re: Some good news.

debbie natelson

This is great news indeed. Thank you Shane.  I only heard yesterday myself. Thank you Joost!  You are such a dependable SoundRower (even if you are a paddler). :)

Joost, I was just about to email you.  For the Annual Schedule poster, we want to include the hyperlinks to your email and phone #. ( send out the posters electronically as well, so the hyperlinks come in handy there). Not sure if the email address I have for you is even still current.  Traci gave us yr #.    Pls verify. Tks.

Similar good news is that Jeff Knakal confirmed we have a date for GXS race, Aug 24. He got the permit.  So now we are set schedule wise for the year.  All mark your calendars -- beginning with La Conner, Feb 2nd.  

Also, for those that do Facebook, SoundRowers & Paddlers has a Facebook page (thank you Tyler and Jeff K).  Here is the link:

It's very new, so we'd love for you to "Like it" and contribute.  Seems like many more folks get all their news and  plan their rec activities through FB, so I will be posting more there this year.  I'm newer to FB, so please give my your feedback and any suggestions.  

Thanks all.  See you hopefully soon -- on the water at La Conner.
- Debbie

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Some good news. Joost Zeegers has taken over the Race Director duties for Shaw Island. Thank you Joost. See the race schedule for date and time. Only two weeks until La Conner, be there or be square.

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