Re: Schdeduling a race on a Sunday?

Debbie Natelson

I think having some races on a Sunday would be a terrific idea!  Saturdays are getting increasingly over-booked with competing events (not even boat race related ones. In this region, we are fortunate enough to be afflicted with the dilema of having too many things to do, all mostly on saturdays.  So Michael, thank you for thinking outside of the box and out of the must-be-Saturday rut. 

And FYI, we have had some other races on Sundays before. Don't recall if it was Vashon race or Elk River, or ???   but it was on a Sunday and very popular. 

So here's my two cents.
Debbie N.

On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 9:03 PM, guru1957 <> wrote:

Just about all Sound Rowers races are held on a Saturday. Would there be any objection if a race was scheduled for a Sunday?

The reason I am asking is because the preferred day (Saturday, June 1, 2013) for the Lake Sammamish Race is the same day as a triathlon being held at Lake Sammamish State Park. The race could be held either on Sunday, or in the afternoon on Saturday.

What do you folks think?

Michael Lampi

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