Re: Elk River Challenge photos now online

Debbie Natelson

Wow, you took so many great pictures of the race that I don't feel half as bad about missing it; well, I do, but with all your great pics, I almost felt as if I was there.  

Vern & Janet, you outdid yourselves once again.  You're amazing!  (as were those awards you made!!!).  Thanks for increasing the fun factor of this race.

Sorry to have missed all the fun (AND my beloved oysters!).  I had to fly down to Florida to help take care of my mom. I'm mostly here at her house, but at long last, I finally got to paddle around the inviting tropical waters of south Fla.  I went to a kayak meetup and got to join a dragon boat for a fast paced zip around Biscayne Bay.  And then borrowed an Epic18 for a refreshing paddle out to the sand bar & back.  I've been waiting for years to do that. (Heather & Brandon Nelson were able to get away with "checking" their kayak in as luggage, but that was back when flying was fun).
Got the local paddlers stoked about coming out to do a Sound Rowers race. Expect some visiting Floridians at future races.
Tom Cartmill, you should be pleased to know that even out here they are using the SoundRowers boat classifications for their races.

Hope to make it back in town in time for Shaw.   And hope to see you all there!
Next Sat, Aug 4.


On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 9:29 PM, guru1957 <> wrote:

Thanks again to Vern and Janet for hosting this excellent race!

The photos can be found at:

Today's outing from Brady's Oysters south of Westport to Ocean Shores was a lot of fun, but my arms (from paddling in Vern's OC-6) are quite worn out!

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