OAR Northwest circumnavigation

Tyler Peterson

Here is a letter from our good friends at Ocean Adventure Racing Northwest inviting us to participate in their launch day this Saturday.  It will be a wonderful event for the entire family.



Tyler Peterson

President Sound Rowers


(Letter from OAR Northwest)


Dear Sound Rowers Members:


On behalf of OAR Northwest, the National Wildlife Federation and Get To Know, I wish to invite you to an expedition launching, festival and art contest all aimed to inspire families, adults and youth to get outdoors.



DATE: Saturday, April 7th


WHERE: Lake Union Park, Seattle, WA [map]


Arrival by human-powered craft, foot or public transportation is encouraged. 


OAR Northwest’s Canadian Wildlife Federation Salish Sea Expedition

Launch Day!


1:00PM (Lake Union Park’s West Pebble Beach)

OAR Northwest launches the CWF Salish Sea Expedition, a circumnavigation of Vancouver Island, aboard the world’s most technologically advanced ocean rowboat. Help get the expedition underway and join the ocean rowboat as it crosses Lake Union to the Ballard locks.  Using pioneering satellite communications to deliver adventurous and educational content from the rowboat while underway, OAR Northwest connects families, students and classrooms to the extraordinary craft.


Be Out There –National Wildlife Foundation


11AM-4PM The National Wildlife Federation’s Pacific Regional Center is proud to host a “Be Out There” event. OAR Northwest and National Wildlife Federation with partners, sponsors and area youth service organizations will introduce participants to regional outdoor wonders, resources, and opportunities for connecting kids and families with nature.  This event also highlights the Get to Know Contest, which invites you to get outside and create original works of art, writing, photography, videography and music inspired by nature. This year's theme is "Get to Know Your Wild Neighbors."




Otto Loggers

Executive Director

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