Re: Budd Inlet results.


I gotta say, I think there was some kiwi humor in their somewhere!
Having said that, it is true that Sound Rowers is a volunteer organization. I'm going down the rapids right now getting ready for the Budd Inlet regatta. I'm sorry you've departed SR.
(Personally I wish we could have a term limits on race directors made possible by a requirement that a race director accept the role of finding and grooming his/her replacement. I've been told, in so many words, that that wouldn't work because race directors are so hard to find. Hmm. This is true, but it is also a self-proficy What's the end-game here for volunteers? Just burn-out? Just walking away?
What the heck am I doing! My son needs to be taken to school, my wife needs me to email some photos. I gotta go. See you on race day - that's Saturday, Sept 17thm Budd Inlet regatta. (The one that's usually flat and boring for extreme paddlers and fun for flat water racers, except for every 10 years when extreme paddlers have a blast and flat water folks are blown to the shore.)

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Gee Shane, I'm willing to bet that you in your role as Sound Rower's vice president race director liason continue do nothing positive to help get their job done as well. Hence, our departure from Sound Rowers.

Get a clue, people. Race directors are VOLUNTEERS. Every time you critize their giving, you risk a chance of losing. Think about it Shane and others in the "bitter old men club" of the PNW paddling scene.

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> I'm willing to bet that even with Rick Peterson out of town for the day, that the Budd Inlet race results will be posted before Bainbridge Marathon or the Great Cross Sound.
> Shane.

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