Sound Rowers Annual Meeting Agenda 2010

Steve Bennett

Note: the same is attached as a Word document.

10 December 2010


Sound Rowers,


Here’s the tentative agenda for this Saturday’s meeting. I’ve tried to include what I am aware of and think is relevant.  I’m sure stuff has been missed. I’m also sorry that this is coming out this late.  Nonetheless, please e-mail me this evening with any concerns or issues. I’ll get out an update before the meeting and will bring a revised, final version to the meeting.


The Annual Meeting is this Saturday at 10:00 a.m.  at the Lake Washington Rowing Club, located below I-5 on Lake Union.

From  I-5 take either the NE 50th or the NE 45th street exit.

Proceed West to Stone Way N.

Turn Left on Stone Way N.

Continue South on Stone Way to N. Northlake Way, the very last street before Lake Union.

Turn right and be looking for parking


The agenda below is tentative and includes most of what I remember that has come up.  If you have issues or things to be considered that are not included please let me know (206/525-1496), bennett_seattle@...) and I’ll be happy to include it and see that notice gets out to the membership.


This is your best chance to contribute to the direction of the club.  Your time and ideas are what keep us working.  It is particularly important that race directors or a race representative for each race be in attendance.


Look forward to seeing you

Steve Bennett



(Tentative) AGENDA

Sound Rowers 2010 Annual Meeting

Lake Washington Rowing Club

Saturday, December 11th  10:00 A.M.



1.  Approval of Minutes December 2009– Steve Wells


2. Treasurer’s Report – Bill Jaquette


3. Insurance Report – Steve Wells


4. Review of the Racing Season

A race-by-race discussion of successes and problems.


5.Race Directors Feedback


6.  Other Business, New and Old


·         Traci Cole asked last year that we reconsider the question of stipends.  We discussed it a bit and agreed to put it off again until this meeting

·         Renewal of Washington Water Trails membership

·         Race Schedule – Shane Baker


7.  Classification of HPK/Surfski’s – Change it or leave it?

Earlier in the season there was a request by David Scherrer to create a surfski class to accommodate this "class" of surfski, one which would fall into the fsk guidelines.  Don K. presented an alternative suggestion that we establish a "novice" class for first-year surfskiers as the Outrigger world does.  This seemed to meet with general agreement. (we have far more surfskis participating than any other single class, so some awards accommodation seems in order.)

With that discussion I was beginning to think that we ought rename the class Surfski rather than HPK, in tune with the reality that, with very few exceptions any more, all HPK's are surfskis.

Now, with the real appearance of FSK-classed surfskis, I wonder that re-naming may just be more confusing.

I think the L-W ratios we use, are good and should not be changed, despite how we choose to label the classes.


8.  Regarding the Double Fast Sea Kayak class

  I will offer the following proposal for consideration at the Annual Meeting:


Double Kayak Classifications:


·         To respond to requests from our membership and other open-water race committees to distinguish our traditional  “recreational double” class from the recently developed “adventure racing” class of boats

·         To establish three classes representative of the general divisions naturally created by boat design and purpose:

·         To allow for clear and easy classification by race directors


The Classsifications:

DHPK: (High-Performance Racing Boats) Either overall or waterline* length-to-width ratio equals 13.00 or more

DFSK: (Adventure Racing or Sport Boats) Either overall or waterline* length-to-width ratio falls between 9.99 and 13.00

DSK:  (Touring Boats) Either overall or waterline* length-to-width ratio equals 9.99 or less 


* Waterline length-to-width ratio is to be determined following the Southern Traverse standard, "using an all-up weight (kayak and weight = 100 kgs).”

Note: We anticipate that very few boats which fail to meet the standard for inclusion in a race classification measured "overall," will be able to do so when measured at waterline.  As waterline measurements are not available for every boat, it will be incumbent upon a racer whose boat falls between these cracks to determine that its "waterline" l-to-w ratio meets Sound Rowers standard. Should this ratio be challenged by another racer, Sound Rowers will designate a person to determine the boat's appropriate classification.


9. Capsize Report

Discussion and perhaps action in response to the idea of having race directors submit a "Capsize Report" if capsizes occurred in their race. We've seem to have had a lot of capsizes the past couple of years, due I think, to little more than weather conditions, but we really don't know because we keep no record. I am recalling Whatcom, Jetty Island, even Samish this year, and Lake Stevens and Budd last year.  I am suggesting a simple report indicating the racer, the boat, the conditions, the rescue story, and any other relevant RD commentary. I would hope that this would help us identify holes in our safety net, as well as keeping us aware that capsize is the most serious of our business.

10.  Budget Cutting through Ribbon Downsizing

I've been talking to Bill about the budget. I think we may be recommending going back to the small blue ribbons for the next ribbon order, three years hence.  That would cut our biggest expense by well over half (my own seat-of-the-pants estimate, not Bill's!) and should make us both feel quite solvent moving toward the future without increasing fees. There will probably be a vote on this.


11. Budget Cutting through use of the Coast Guard Auxillary.

The Bainbridge Marathon (which will be 30 this year!) accessed two support boats from the Auxillary.  It worked well.  The Government paid for  the gas.


12.  Paddle Smart Program – USCG Auxillary.

 This simple program gives out I.D. stickers to place in or on our boats, so that lost boats can be identified and returned, and so the CG will be able to make quicker determination if a paddler/rower is lost.  No registration, just waterproof free stickers. They will be available at the meeting and for race directors to give out at their races.


13.  Regarding the Newsletter

Jeff has published a SR Blog to replace the newsletter.  Have you seen it?  Comment and questions


14.  Regarding a Sound Rowers Decal/bumper sticker (Hoodies?)

We’ve talked about this for two or three years now.  Why does it not happen?  Let’s make it happen this year.


15.  Sound Rowers DVD library

We have one!  Thanks to Carrie Weisse.  Getting the word out, and more contributions.


16.  Kayak Academy Request

The following request was submitted by Barb Gronseth of Kayak Academy.  Barb has said she will be at the meeting to present.  She has not responded to my requests to work out details on this.  We will not be voting to adopt at this meeting.


“Lake Sammamish Kayak Race as part of Greenland Week Qajaq Competition


Kayak Academy would like to propose a Fall/Winter Lake Sammamish Race, Saturday Oct 29 2011 in conjunction with Greenland Week Qajaq Competition Oct 28-30 2011.


Location: Lake Sammamish St Park Tibbett’s Beach


Distance: similar distance to Sound Rowers Spring race or 6 statute mile course held 2010.



Increase size of race due to adding Greenland Stick Paddlers

Pre-race training for Deception Pass Dash

Kayak Academy will negotiate park permit”


17.  Election of Officers

While all offices are open for re-election, we really need people to fill the positions below.  I will be asking that the names of Tyler Peterson and Mike Gregory be nominated for the positions of  president, and board member, respectively.


Vice-president for insurance and legal issues has three specific duties:

1.  Act as liaison and chief negotiator for our insurance coverage.  This job has been well laid out by Steve Wells who has established a good working relationship with our insurance rep.

2.  The Job also is responsible for completing the paperwork for Event Permits from the Coast Guard for about 11 of our races.  This should be a pretty simple one-time task as the paperwork and forms should need only reflect changes from the year before, and the initial work is done.  Steve B will walk you through the procedure. He will also be having a meeting with Lt Ian Hannah, of the Coast Guard to simplify the process even more, and would like the new VP to attend that one-only meeting. 

3.  The VP for insurance and legal issues also takes minutes at the annual meeting


The president

has no specific duties, except for chairing the annual meetings and policy meetings of the Board of directors. Nonetheless, time is consumed here dealing with the range of things that come up, and they do.  A person with a rather deep experience with Sound Rowers, who is knowledgeable of the other boating clubs and protocols, would be ideal.


Board of Directors - 2 positions:

This is a good place to learn the function of the SR organization & leadership.  It is also a good place from which to initiate ideas within the club. As we look to our board for their wisdom and perspective on issues, so it is also good to have some who have been with us for a while.



18.  Adjourn

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